Welcome to Hope for Vulnerable Children Association (HOVUCA) 
HOVUCA is a grass root level Non-Profit organisation that believes any human being under 18 years (a child, as described by UNCRC) is vulnerable and needs protection. HOVUCA’s work is aimed at protecting children in general (boys and girls) and particularly at giving hope to underprivileged children.
HOVUCA also believes that empowering women is giving hope to every child because women are the primary custodians of children. However, HOVUCA works with women, children and the community to protect every child and ameliorate the living conditions of most vulnerable/under-served children  We do this through our aid program and training program. 
Our aid program – focuses on the following category of children: children living on the fringe of society, marginalized by illness, neglect and poverty, Children that are infected with or affected by  HIV/AIDS; displaced children, children sexually abused and children on the street suffering from hunger and drugs abuse, or recovering from abuse and human trafficking, child prostitutes, and refugee children.
Our training/empowerment program – focuses on every child under 18 years (boys and girls); women and community members. We have developed special programs for the girl child especially the adolescent girls because they are more vulnerable and  experience the highest level of discrimination.
We empower especially women who are custodians of all children be they vulnerable or non-vulnerable.

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Education is one of our primary focus areas for the under-served children. We aim to get these children back to school and provide them with the life skills they need to not only survive but to succeed.

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Through the generation support of local and international donors, we pay most vulnerable children’s school fees and purchase other school material; offer vocational training and administer health care.
Hunger  and malnutrition have devastating consequences for children. Feed a child and help change the outcome. Donate to our food program
We train/empower adolescents girls to make/takes decisions over critical issues that affect their lives like –
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) ,
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management,
  • Gender Based Violence
  • drug Abuse
  • Protection education

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